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How to Write 2 | Free Writing

Posted By on May 12, 2013

There it is: the blank page. Now what do you do? Sit back and stare at the page, wondering where the words will come from? Stare at the ceiling and think? Put on a serious look, with hand to chin, so you look like a writer? Pace around the room in a writerly fashion? All these look like what a writer does . . .at least that’s what writers do in the movies. They muse and wrestle with writing demons for hours, days, and sometimes...

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New writers all face the same issues (and so do some experienced writers). They doubt that they can write. They doubt that anyone would be interested in what they want to write. They doubt until they put down the pen or shut off the computer. They doubt until they quietly wither the writer within to nothing. There is no need to doubt. You have a writer within you. You have ideas, interests, and knowledge to share. You have stories and...

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