How to Write | Learning How to Blog for Social Media: Part 3

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Professor Conrad and Gracie Lake discuss how to write. ¬†Writing is about making a connection–determining what your thinking has in common with your audience. It can be as simple as starting out with a common geographical area. “Yes, I’m from Chicago too,” ¬†or “I love living in Southern California,” or “I worked up north in the cold country.” Anything works as long as it is a real connection.

We also cover how to write by getting out of your own way and writing what is already welling up inside you. There is nothing like the powerful magnetic pull of a story to get your point across. That means stepping out of yourself and delivering a solid story. In fact,s tory telling is one of the best ways to get a point across.

The interview also covers the important art of making course corrections. If you aren’t writing, then you don’t know how to improve, but if you are writing, whether as a beginner, intermediate, or as a professional, you know that every piece you write can be improved. Once you write, you can take a measure of where you are. Using that information, you can plot a new course and correct yourself to success.

Professor Conrad interview with Gracie Lake on making a connection and getting out of your own way by Professorconrad on Mixcloud

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