Schoolwork excuse #54: “I was absent and missed that part.”

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When I was in sixth grade I was sick for a week and stayed out of school. The assignments still made it home, much to my chagrin. My mother insisted that I keep up with my schoolwork. The following Monday I went into German class and had to take a test. Only a few of the students passed. I was one of them. In fact, I got a top grade.

You need to know something about me. In sixth grade I was put into a special class for troublemakers and underachievers. I was not in the A student category. The material on the German test, however, was easy. It was easy because I took the time to study it. In fact, the material on that test was no different in complexity than any of the other tests I had bombed in that class. I learned an important lesson: school success does not depend on the teacher. Sure, a teacher helps a student to learn, but if the student puts little or no effort in, then the result is poor performance on assessments.

While I was at home I had no distractions, so I studied the material. The test was easy because I had made the effort to learn.




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